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The World Going To The End Of Atlantis

The purpose of this letter and my suggestion is certainly out of the all kinds of primitive or fanatics behaviors. What I am presenting in my letter is that all the points are based in reality and in the morals of sciences. I am certainly ready to prove what I am suggesting to you by the way of all languages of sciences.

In the meantime, I know EXACTLY where Atlantis disappeared... and who the people were, and why they disappeared. You may be certain that, this is the only exploring that will open the true door of space (extraterrestrial life) for the human race.

I wrote this article in 1982 when I was working with ITT in Bahrain and a gentleman from Cyprus, Mr. Abdullah, who was working with The Voice Of America Broadcasting, translated it for me. Unfortunately he left Bahrain before the translation was completed. . As a result, I abandoned any further research on this topic for the next ten years. This article includes a very small section from my book;

<< The World Going To The End Of Atlantis >>

After many years of researching on a subject, which is very dear to me, I have developed a wealth of information, which may be of interest to many. I felt the urge to share this knowledge, described below, and I believe that the time has come for the application of this knowledge.

I will not be affected at all if, for any reason, you choose either to believe or not to believe in me and this universal knowledge I decoded and exposed. I am aware of the difficulties a true scientist faces on this planet, unless he has a title. We have seen that throughout the history and still in our times. I am not asking you to believe in me...I am just appealing to you in order to carry out my noble duty that is in front of history. I would like to emphasize that any further correspondence will be entirely up to your decision and response.


I will present with sufficient clarity (a) the details of countless valuable scientific information left behind by three scientists who, in the depth of history, had come to our Planet Earth from another planet named SHI-RA and (b) the ways of communicating with this planet, specifically:

In the past, The SUPER civilization of this planet SHI-RA (published my first book) had established a civilization on our Earth. The name of this civilization is nothing but the ATLANTIS inserted by PLATO into his Dialogues but with some misconceptions. This word ATLANTIS has come to our time after many years of mispronunciations caused by countless causes. The information related to this matter is given in a short article titled "ATLANTIS" written by me and attached to this letter.

You will find, buried under the earth, the carbonized remains of the whole ATLANTIS civilization that I will demonstrate with proofs. I have brought to light with all the details that this civilization destroyed itself by its own mistakes, and that the origins of the black race are closely related to that event. The Atlantis civilization did disappear neither from the Atlantic Ocean nor from the Nevada Desert. And it is not an imaginary civilization. It is as real as you are right now.

The remains of this civilization and the details I will provide to you with scientific methods constitute THE UNIQUE AND ONLY THE KEY, WHICH WILL OPEN THE DOORS OF THE DEPTH OF THE SPACE as we enter the twenty-first century. There is never any other way. Otherwise, with the Hubbell telescope, we will continue searching a needle in the haystack.

The antenna discs, for receiving the radio frequencies from the planet SHI-RA, need to be placed at the country called TUVA Republic located on Himalayan Mountains or at a location having similar coordinates. TUVA's coordinates, as you may know, are 90-95 longitude and 50-55 latitude. I will provide more scientific details later.

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